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Goals for 2024 and Sequel Plans

People have started reaching out to inquire about a release date for the When Shadows Fall sequel, and while I'd love to say a 2024 release is in the cards, it is highly unlikely the book will be ready that soon. In addition to more revisions, book two will need lots of editing before it's done, not to mention formatting, cover art, proof-reading, and various preparations for release. It is also important that I do more work on book 3 before publishing book 2 to ensure the story remains consistent between the two of them!

My hope is that book 2 will be ready for release by June, 2025, at the latest, with book 3 releasing in 2026 if possible. If all goes well, I'd like to get book 2 into the editing phase before the end of this year, finish a second draft and quick edit of book 3, and get a head start on cover art for both books. Things are likely to change as the year progresses, but for now, my rough outline for 2024 looks like this:

  January: Finish book 2 revisions, find beta-readers.

  February/March: Work on book 3 while beta-readers read book 2.

  April/May: Book 2 revisions based on beta-reader feedback.

  June: Possible third round of beta-readers.

  July/August: Book 2 first major edit.

  September/October: Give book 2 to readers/editors. Work on book 3.

  November/December: Book 2 second edit.

I suspect that the second draft of book 3 will take longer than this schedule allows for, which means some adjustments will have to be made. There is a lot to do, as always, but I hope to make a serious dent in the sequels before the year is through!

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