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Fantasy Writer and Artist

Lindy Enns

Machines powered by human emotion
    A shadow world plagued by monsters obedient to a tyrant lord
        A girl haunted by the tragic loss of her father an
d a boy afflicted with a mysterious malady


“Everything I hated and feared was outside that window. There was nothing between me and the night, nothing but a boy I didn’t know and shouldn’t trust.

And yet, a small part of me wanted to see. I edged forward, wary as a wild animal, until at last I stood before the opening. I looked out, bracing myself to face the world of my nightmares…”

Dark forest canopy_edited.jpg


A thrilling YA fantasy, brimming with horrific creatures, dark secrets, and ancient mysteries. COMING SOON!

Living on the bones of a long abandoned empire and subjugated to the will of a tyrant lord with dark powers, the people of Mavtown live a life of fear and hardship, though none suffer as much as Ara Holstenner. Afflicted with debilitating panic attacks and constant anxiety, Ara is the last person in the world who would ever challenge The Lord’s authority. But when her younger sister is taken by shadow creatures, Ara must risk everything to save her.

The way is fraught with danger, but the greatest peril comes from within. Can Ara overcome the fears that have defined her since childhood, or will they be her undoing?

When Shadows Fall is a YA fantasy written by indie author, Lindy Enns, and is scheduled to release June 5th, 2023. Subscribe below for news, updates, and to be entered into an exclusive release day giveaway, PLUS receive a free PDF of the first chapter of When Shadows Fall upon subscribing.

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