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Pronunciation Guide

Larik Language

  • Ara (ARE uh)

  • Eddenhas (ed DIN hass) (rhymes with mass)

  • Eddenran (ed DIN ran)

  • Elsoddin (el SOD in)

  • Estinlar (ES tin lar)

  • Frostavin (FROS tav in)

  • Laranran (lair EN ran)

  • Larik(LAIR ik)

  • Merak (mer AK)

  • Nevenspire (NEV in spy er)

  • Vanstead (VAN sted)

  • Widderran (wih DER ran)

Languages in Shadows of the Vale

While the main characters of the Shadows of the Vale series are Larik, the language they speak is Vyrian, which is the predominate language in Tellyr. Because the Vyrians represented an important centre of trade and knowledge during the height of their empire, the other countries of Tellyr adopted their tongue in order to better engage in trade. However, each of the countries still has its own language.

The names used on maps and those found in the story come from a variety of these different languages. Most of the names you'll find are pronounced as you'd expect and should be simple to read, however, there are some exceptions, especially from the Mokian and Turian language.


For your convenience, a pronunciation guide has been provided, organized by country, with vocabulary arranged in alphabetical order. If there are any words missing that you'd like to know the pronunciation of, simply contact me through this website, and I will add the missing words to the site!

Larik Pronunciations

Turian Language

  • Ailo Nim (eye low NIM)

  • Ai Turi (EYE ter ee)

  • Anari (ah NAR ee)

  • Falmir (FALL meer)

  • Jarnel (jar NEL)

  • Jalen (JAY len)

  • Jevari (jeh VAR ee)

  • Melari (may LAR ee)

  • Mervidian (mer VID ee in)

  • Ornak (OR nak)

  • Oma’Turi (oh muh TER ee)

  • Pevendor (PEV en dor)

  • Tera Nim (tair uh NIM)

  • Tregarr (tray GAR)

Mokian Language

  • Aniiva (AW nee vuh)

  • Jakkenekevwe (ja ken no KEV way)

  • kweshiin (KWAY sheen)

  • Kwiijhan (KWEE zhawn) (rhymes with Dijon)

  • Meshawa (may SHAW wuh)

  • Mokai (mo KIE)

  • Mokiwe (mo KEE way)

  • Ogiichim (oh GEE chim) (hard g)

  • Ogiishine (oh GEE she nay) (hard g)

  • pechawa (pay CHAW wuh)

  • Shiimu (SHE moo)

  • shinegwan (she NAY gwan)

  • winoshiin (wih NO sheen)

Mokian Pronunciations
Turian Pronunciations


  • Emotionry (ee MO shun ree)

  • Neer (near)

  • Neerim Vale (NEAR im vale)

  • Tellyr (tel LEAR)

  • Vyrian (VEER ee en)

Other Pronunciations
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