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Title: Mulgrin's Quest

Genre: Upper-Middle Grade Fantasy

Status: Complete. Temporarily shelved.

Image by Igor Yemelianov

Mulgrin's Quest

Mulgrin has read every story ever written about heroes, and desires nothing more than to join their ranks. To do so, he must prove himself on a Quest, and when the powerful Seed of Wizards is stolen, he is given the perfect opportunity.


But real life is nothing like the stories say, and soon everything Mulgrin thought he knew about the world is challenged. With the help of an irritable zimmik, a timid troll maiden, and a banished pixie warrior, Mulgrin struggles to redefine his understanding of the world, and the people in it, as he works with his new friends to find the Seed of Wizards. Complex puzzles and obstacles face them at every turn, not to mention a competing apprentice who is determined to beat Mulgrin to the Seed.


Mulgrin refuses to give up, but does he even know what it means to be a hero?

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