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Fantasy Writer and Artist

Lindy Enns

Machines powered by human emotion
    A shadow world plagued by monsters obedient to a tyrant lord
        A girl haunted by the tragic loss of her father and a boy with a mysterious past


Now available on Amazon in print, eBook, and on Kindle Unlimited!


“Everything I hated and feared was outside that window. There was nothing between me and the night,

nothing but a boy I didn’t know and shouldn’t trust.”

Afflicted with debilitating panic attacks and constant anxiety, Ara Holstenner is the last person who would ever oppose the tyrant lord who subjugates her people. But when her sister is taken by shadow creatures, Ara must defy The Lord’s edicts and brave the forbidden night world to save her.


The way is fraught with peril, but the greatest danger comes from within. Can Ara overcome the fears that have defined her since childhood, or will she condemn her sister—and herself—to a lifetime of unimaginable torment?

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When Shadows Fall is a young adult fantasy written by indie author, Lindy Enns, and is an indie ink finalist in three categories. Subscribe below for news, updates, and to be entered into exclusive release day giveaways; PLUS receive a free PDF of the first chapter of When Shadows Fall and the first chapter of the upcoming sequel upon subscribing!

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When Shadows Fall Misprint

If you bought a print copy of When Shadows Fall within the first few months of release, it is possible that you received a copy with a couple errors in it. If you find an incorrect paragraph near the end of chapter two, click here for more information and access to the corrected pages!

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