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When Shadows Fall Printing Error

Printing Error in When Shadows Fall

I regret to say that due to some glitches with my formatting software, the first run of print copies of When Shadows Fall went out with two misprints. If you bought a physical copy of When Shadows Fall prior to June 9th, it is very likely you will have these errors in your book!

THE MAIN ERROR is on page 27, (near the bottom), where a duplicate paragraph from a previous chapter replaces the paragraph that should have been there.

The second misprint is on page 226 (near the top) and is very minor; one paragraph reverted to an earlier version of itself. This will not impact your understanding or experience as a reader, but means your copy is slightly different than the eBook and future print copies!

To help address these mistakes, I am sharing pictures of the two pages as they should have appeared in the book below. The blue marks indicate where the correction has been made. You can also click here to download a PDF of these pages without the markings.

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